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How are you?

We hoping you're well and are sure you're doing your best during these unprecedented times.

As a business we are still open, and as humans we are here to help in any way we can.

Like all situations, we like to keep optimistic and believe new opportunities can be sought. Now can be a great time to assess your lift equipment and start plans to improve reliability and lifespan. The quieter buildings can be a good time to start works, when normally taking a lift out of service would cause issues. Drop us a line for a chat.

If your lifts are still being used, HSE guidance stipulates you must be performing statutory inspections still, unlike the car MOT's that have been postponed - see our other blog post here.

If we can help answer any questions or you think you may benefit from our services please get in touch!

We hope you stay safe and hope to be of service.

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