Automated Car Parking Systems Consultancy

Unlocking Efficiency and Success Through Innovative Transport Solutions

Do you want to significantly increase your capacity and sales?

Then installing an automated car parking systems (APS) could be a valuable investment for your business.

These unique transport solutions allow you to maximise capacity by over 40% by enabling you to increase the number of available parking spaces in your existing building.

These impressive robotic systems move cars from parking entrances into dedicated spaces and, where the space allows, stack vehicles in vertical columns to extend the capacity even further without human intervention on a day-to-day basis.

And that’s not all.

These automated systems come with even more benefits than this, including:

  • Increased security of the cars within the system,
  • No pedestrians enter the car park – thus eliminating any risk to them,
  • No risk of damage from other cars and car park users,
  • Electric vehicle charging available in 100% of car parking spaces
  • No ventilation required,
  • Only minimal maintenance lighting required – which would only turn on during servicing and repairs to the equipment,
  • No passenger lifts required.
  • And of course, just a reminder of the aforementioned – minimal manning required and the potential to increase capacity – and therefore your sales – by over 40%.

And, as with all its other transport solutions, Pearson Consult Ltd doesn’t just sell these
APS systems, it also offers a full consultancy service from conception to completion.

This includes:

  • Planning and design service – including sizing and advice on capital cost and return on investment, etc,
  • Specifying and tendering to obtain the best price for the car park,
  • And project managing the works to completion to ensure the car park operates as specified as expected.

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