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Elevating Efficiency with Cutting-Edge Truck Lift Solutions

Installing truck lifts utilising rigid chain technology is yet another string to Pearson Consult Ltd.’s bow.

Not only does the independent vehicle and lorry lift specialist boast extensive experience in this niche field of expertise, but it also has an impressive accolade within this industry too.

And that is, that it was honoured to be picked as the lead consultants on what is believed to be the largest rigid chain truck lift installation in the UK to date.

An impressive feat, once on-site Pearson Consult Ltd.’s team deploy two rigid, chain-driven truck lifts, which can each carry a 40 foot articulated truck and has a 40 tonne capacity, to lift trucks up over 6.5 metres.

This is a fully automatic operation which includes a ‘dock levelling’ feature.

Please note that Pearson Consult Ltd does not sell the rigid chain lifts, but it does offer a full consultancy service from planning to completion.

This consultancy service includes:

  • Planning and design service,
  • Specifying and tendering,
  • Project managing the works to completion.

Please call +44 (0) 3301 335579 or email to start a discussion on how Pearson Consult Ltd can help your business achieve its goals.

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